Chapter Two

Series 1 - Episode 2 Chapter Two



If you found the psychedelic story of last week’s Legion a bit confusing then strap in, because the offbeat superhero drama is just as mind-bending in this second edition.

Dan Stevens’s psychiatric patient David has been rescued from his shadowy enemies, but he now has to deal with the fact that his mental health issues may actually have been nascent psychic powers, which he has no way of controlling.

To try to help him, his new allies take him on a reality-warping tour through his own memories, but nothing is as it seems – and a terrifying monster may be waiting for them deep in David’s mind.


David reflects on his past, with the help of his new friends, and with greater insight into his `condition'. Superhero thriller, starring Dan Stevens.

Cast & Crew

David Haller Dan Stevens
Director Michael Uppendahl
Writer Noah Hawley