Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn


A terrific cautionary tale about the best racing driver you've never heard of, this is a poignant, what-if story that will fascinate people without the slightest interest in motorsport.

“There are lots of hard luck stories in Formula One,” says an interviewee, “but Tommy Byrne's is the defining case study.” In the early 1980s Byrne was a blazingly quick natural talent, fast enough to be given free drives when most young hopefuls had to pay for them (as rich team-mate Ayrton Senna did).

Byrne's fondness for drink, drugs and women meant he never quite played the F1 corporate game and sabotaged his chances of the big time. But this rueful retrospective tells his story beautifully.


Documentary charting the story of professional motor racing driver Tommy Byrne, who during the 1980s went from stock-car racing to big-time Formula One in a little over four years. But while his rise was meteoric, his fall was just as spectacular.

Cast & Crew

Director Sean O'Cualain
Producer David Burke
Documentary Sport