Mafia Women with Trevor McDonald

Mafia Women with Trevor McDonald

Series 1 - Episode 1



Linda Scarpa tells Trevor McDonald how, when she was a teenager, she once smoked pot with a friend and got caught. Her father, a notorious gangster called Greg “the Grim Reaper” Scarpa, beat the friend almost to death.

That was how she grew up – knowing her father was a key figure in New York’s Colombo crime family but, as we see in home video of the time, also a genial, bare-chested man of the house, beaming at the dinner table or dancing awkwardly with her at her 16th birthday party.

The home videos are bizarre to watch when you know what was going on off-screen, as it were. When Linda got married her father so took against her husband he asked her permission to kill him – she declined. With these and other wives and daughters of dangerous men, McDonald pieces together a picture of a world we’ve seen portrayed in The Sopranos and GoodFellas, but never as sad and sordid as it seems here.


The first of a two-part documentary in which the veteran broadcaster travels to the US to meet mob wives, girlfriends and daughters, who reveal the truth behind the money, violence, glamour and treachery of organised crime. They include Linda Scarpa, the daughter of hitman Greg Scarpa, who reveals how the bloodshed from her father's Mafia involvement spilled over into her own life. Trevor also spends time with Anthony Russo, a former Colombo family captain, and meets his new girlfriend Amy, who knew nothing of his past when she started dating him six months ago.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Trevor McDonald
Editor Danny Collins
Producer Max Andrews
Producer Danny Collins
Series Director Stuart Cabb
Series Producer Lisa Keane
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