Who Do You Think You Are?

Warwick Davis

Series 13 - Episode 8 Warwick Davis



This isn’t one of those episodes where the questing subject crosses continents in search of trails leading to royalty or great fortune. Actor Warwick Davis doesn’t travel any Silk Routes; instead he heads for Croydon, Northampton and Bury St Edmunds to dig for clues into three small, domestic dramas.

None of this sounds very promising but Davis and a small band of historians uncover poignant, very personal tales of hardship, shame and tragedy, with just a smidgen of showbusiness, to Davis’s delight.

He discovers why no one spoke of a particular great-grandparent, who had a very sad end, and discovers a great-great-great-grandfather who was, as Davis delicately puts it, “a bit light on his feet”.

He’s an absorbed and interested clue-hunter, though he baulks at the relative who blacked up to play violin in a minstrel troupe, skating delicately over some outrageous song titles.


Warwick Davis starts his research with his paternal grandmother Edith, who led to his big break at the age of 11 when she heard a radio advert. That advert was 'looking for short people to appear in Return of the Jedi', and Warwick was catapulted to stardom, continuing his acting career in the likes of Labyrinth and Willow. He takes a non-judgemental approach as he researches the family line stretching back from Edith, finding humanity and humour in some uncomfortable stories, while on his maternal side, he finds out about a postman who lived a double life.

Cast & Crew

Director David Vincent
Series Producer Sarah Feltes