Secret Life of Dogs

Working Like a Dog

Series 2 - Episode 2 Working Like a Dog



Like the four-legged marvels it hails, this series is well balanced. If you’re not a particularly soppy dog person, you could tire of the slo-mo shots of very good boys leaping about cutely. But around every corner is a bit of science to make you prick up your ears again. Collies, we learn tonight, have a wider field of vision than shepherds, and process visual information more quickly; Newfoundlands suit swimming thanks to their double-layered coats.

Sometimes, dogs’ enhanced senses and ability to learn make them much more than companions. We’re privileged here to meet animals who have trained themselves to help vulnerable owners: the case of the woman with type 1 diabetes is astonishing.


How and why dogs have become such good working companions, including Midge, the world's first police Chihuahua, and Joey, a sheepdog from the Cotswolds. Mother-of-four Toni Curtis gives her remarkable account of the fateful day when she was swept out to sea off the north coast of Wales and how she owes her life to the Newfoundland dog that saved her life. Narrated by Martin Clunes.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Martin Clunes
Director Tom Peppiatt
Executive Producer Alice Keens-Soper
Executive Producer Michael Massey
Producer Laura Harris
Series Producer Tom Peppiatt
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