River City




The pressure mounts on Scarlett as she juggles dealing weed with helping Patrick at his pre-trial testimony, while a sedated Pete is befriended by Dr Michael Rosenburg at the hospital. Robbie accuses Gary of breaking the rules of the open relationship and comes to an unsettling realisation.

Cast & Crew

Scarlett Mullen Sally Howitt
Patrick Adams Gerard Miller
Pete Galloway Andy Gray
Lenny Murdoch Frank Gallagher
Caitlin McLean Gayle Telfer Stevens
Maggie McLean Kathryn Howden
Ellie McLean Leah MacRae
Suzie Fraser Juliet Cadzow
Gary Trenton James Mackenzie
Robbie Fraser Gary Lamont
Molly O'Hara Una McLean
Louie Alexander Vaughn III Matthew Marrs
Bob Adams Stephen Purdon
DI Donald Robin Laing
Amandeep Jandhu Sanjeev Kohli
PC Calder Victoria Balnaves
Madonna Mullen Sienna Glackin
Dr Marshall Deborah Arnott
Dr Michael Rosenburg Ron Donachie
Director David Hayman
Producer Emma Bodger
Writer Anita Vettesse
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Drama Soap