The Halcyon

Series 1 - Episode 7



Conducting a gay affair in a hotel at the height of the Second World War was never going to be easy, but Toby and Adil should have been more careful. Though it’s too late, they’ve been spotted in a clinch and such a juicy bit of highly blackmail-rich behaviour is now being exploited by a rotter.

Lady Hamilton’s suave lover Lucian D’Abberville slinks around the Halcyon, looking for nuggets of gossip that can make him money, though the all-seeing, all-knowing manager Richard Garland gives him odd glances, as if he’s trying to see what lies beneath the smarm and the polish. He’d better hurry up and find something, because events are moving fast.


Garland asks Emma to take over running the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the hotel, while Betsey catches the eyes of a handsome man in the bar - who is most insistent they go for a drink. Meanwhile, Adil tries to break ties with Lucian after giving him more information gleaned from Toby's briefcase and the situation takes a serious turn when MI5 officers arrive at the Halcyon with a warrant to enter and search the premises - prompting Freddie to return to deal with the ensuing crisis.

Cast & Crew

Lady Hamilton Olivia Williams
Richard Garland Steven Mackintosh
Feldman Mark Benton
Lillian Annabelle Apsion
Freddie Hamilton Jamie Blackley
Toby Hamilton Edward Bluemel
Tom Hill Alex Boxall
Wilfred Michael Carter
Emma Garland Hermione Corfield
Sonny Sullivan Sope Dirisu
Lucian D'Abberville Charles Edwards
Adil Joshi Akshay Kumar
Joe O’Hara Matt Ryan
Betsey Day Kara Tointon
Peggy Taylor Liz White
Club singer Jamie Cullum
Mortimer Danny Webb
Asper Jonathan Aris
Statistician Caitlin Innes Edwards
Noel Wilson Ollie Marsden
Dora Taylor Bella Padden
Evacuation officer Claire Cage
Lord Ambrose Geoff McGivern
Director Philip John
Executive Producer Sharon Hughff
Executive Producer Jack Lothian
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Producer Chris Croucher
Writer Martha Hillier
Writer Jack Lothian
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