Wagner's Ring Cycle

Das Rheingold

Series 1 - Episode 1 Das Rheingold



The BBC has been pushing this Ring Cycle as a kind of binge-viewing Mount Everest, with a promo explaining “why Wagner's epic music drama is the ultimate fantasy box set” (all four operas available on iPlayer). There are comparisons to Lord of The Rings and Game of Thrones – anything to entice viewers to “take on the challenge of The Ring”.

Which is fine, except the premise of these productions from Opera North was that they were pared-back, semi-staged performances without scenery or props – not immersive dramas.

So if you want fantasy escapism, you may be disappointed, but as a way in, it’s ideal and cleverly, subtly televised. We begin with the prequel to the whole epic saga, as the Rhinemaidens taunt dwarf king Alberich, and he takes revenge by stealing their gold…


New series. The first of four filmed performances of Opera North's acclaimed production of Richard Wagner's epic opera. Alberich the dwarf steals a magical treasure and uses it to create a ring of tremendous power. Wotan, the King of the Gods, desires the ring and plans to take it for himself - setting in motion a devastating conflict.

Cast & Crew

Wotan Michael Druiett
Loge Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke
Alberich Jo Pohlheim
Fricka Yvonne Howard
Mime Richard Roberts
Freia Giselle Allen
Donner Andrew Foster-Williams
Froh Mark le Brocq
Fasolt James Creswell
Fafner Mats Almgren
Erda Claudia Huckle
Woglinde Jeni Bern
Wellgunde Madeleine Shaw
Flosshilde Sarah Castle
Director Peter Mumford
Producer Peter Mumford
Producer Nikki Weston
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