Stuck On Remote

Series 1 - Episode 19 Stuck On Remote



Roy's been watching TV for so long that his eyes are TV-shaped. Maura sends him out to the garden to play, but desperate to know how the episode ends, he sneaks back to watch the TV. When Becky surprises him, he accidentally swallows the remote! Grabbing his belly, Roy discovers that every time he presses a button it activates him instead of the TV. 'Fast Forward' and he starts speeding around, 'Pause' and he stops. Meanwhile, Bill is getting anxious; the footy starts soon and where is the remote? Maura and Bill find Roy in the garden paused under the sprinkler. Roy, desperate to keep his secret from everyone, promises he's just taking a shower, but Maura is suspicious. What would Wonder Roy do?

Cast & Crew

Little Roy Susie Power
Bill Maclean Burke
Maura Niamh McCann
Becky Robyn Dempsey
Executive Producer John Rice
Series Director Alan Shannon
Series Producer Mark Cumberton
Writer Ciaran Murtagh
Writer Andrew Jones
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