Super Slimmers: Did They Keep the Weight Off?

Super Slimmers: Did They Really Keep the Weight Off?


Paleo? 5:2? Cabbage soup? Whichever diet you’ve tried, there are two secrets you need to know. First, they work! Second, that’s not the point. This level-headed documentary meets people who slimmed spectacularly enough to make the news… most have now regained weight, a fact the diet industry relies on.

The latest theory is that your body sees weight loss as a survival threat, so it releases hormones that make food taste better. There’s no easy answer – but the scientific discussion and personal testimony here feel like they clarify the problem.


Documentary featuring six extraordinary weight-loss champions, who shed 80 stone between them, to find out what happened to them next. After they collected their prizes and the press photographers left, did they manage to keep the weight off? Plus, a ground-breaking science study on a TV star who lost 17 stone reveals the body's incredible but little-known biological response to dieting that sabotages efforts to keep weight off.

Cast & Crew

Director Claire McFall
Executive Producer Kieran Smith
Producer Claire McFall