The Great British Skinny Dip

The Great British Skinny Dip


This is a gentle, perceptive film about British naturists, but it’s also very funny.

At a Blackpool hotel people sit around a medium-sized conference room. Andrew, head of marketing for British Naturism, gives a presentation about a national skinny dipping day, and the fact that he is naked, as he runs through his PowerPoint slides, is childishly comical, it just is.

The naturists we meet make their case well: “It’s a beautiful feeling being free as nature intended,” says former head teacher Christine. Only later do we learn the price she paid for her freedom.


Cameras follow Andrew Welch, marketing director for British Naturism, as he attempts to attract support for a UK-wide series of nude swims over one weekend in September. The aim is to get young people to give nakedness a go in its most accessible form, and this programme follows Andrew over six busy months, including meetings with other members of this very private community.

Cast & Crew

Director Victoria Silver
Executive Producer Kathy O'Neil
Producer Victoria Silver