Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Series 4 - Episode 1



With President Donald Trump reigning supreme, an important plank of the liberal opposition to the Apprentice Prez can be found in TV studios manned by satirists like Brit John Oliver. His Make Donald Drumpf Again campaign may have failed to win the White House for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but there is still plenty of material (perhaps too much) for more of Oliver’s specialist satirical set pieces.

And while it may be harder for us to distinguish between the lampooning and the actual contents of the Don’s Twitter account, Oliver has long had other interests and targets, including US gun laws, the cigarette lobby and, of course, Brexit.


American talk show in which British comedian, actor and writer John Oliver presents a satirical look at the biggest news stories, political developments and pop culture events of the previous seven days. The topical series sees the former Daily Show reporter offer his distinct take on a variety of social, political and existential issues facing society.