The Wedding Day

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The Wedding Day


Serena and Jordan are a sweet couple, about to marry at the family-owned restaurant/hotel they manage. That’s about it really, but once film-maker Paddy Wivell gets to work he mines seams of heartache and disappointment.

Not Serena and Jordan’s – they are very happy and level-headed. But Serena’s divorced parents, particularly her dad, are a constant chorus of doubt and brittleness. He bangs on about what might happen if Serena and Jordan break up in five years time. Mum, meanwhile, is convinced Serena is pushing the boat out on a big do because she wants to impress her Lamborghini-driving dad.

It’s an odd little film, an eve-of-Valentine’s Day cautionary tale.


Documentary looking behind the pomp and ritual of a wedding to examine British attitudes to marriage through two very different families. Bride-to-be Serena is from a wealthy Cambridgeshire family and her parents are divorced, while groom Adam comes from a more modest background in Stoke and his mother and father are still together. Interviews with the couple and their relatives reveal their expectations of married life and how their different upbringings influence their view of marriage.

Cast & Crew

Director Paddy Wivell
Executive Producer Harry Lansdown
Producer Sophie Oliver