Cradle to Grave

Cradle to Grave


This is a smart conceit. The story of one man, Adam, told in its entirety, from conception to death, through both the narrative of his life — coinciding with major events in America from the 1950s onwards — and the biological changes in his body. At times it feels like a public information film — sugary, fatty foods are bad for you; exercise is good — but there’s a wry humour that keeps things light, like when telling us, “Chemically, being in love is like OCD or drug addiction.” And there are plenty of hard facts – have you heard of the sinoatrial node, a natural pacemaker that regulates heartbeats from first to last?


A 90-year-old man looks back on the most important events of his life, while CGI effects are used to explore how his body has changed from birth to the present day.