Lion Country: Night and Day

Prides in Conflict

Series 1 - Episode 2 Prides in Conflict



The perils of life in the Zambian bush are real enough without the narrator needing to talk them up all the time, but the voiceover here is forever drumming up a sense of jeopardy. “Staying with the zebra carcass is a potentially dangerous decision,” it frets, always second-guessing how the mothers look after their cubs, as if the lions’ health and safety awareness were sadly lacking.

The most gripping wildlife films don’t revolve around what might happen but what does – and what we see here is plenty interesting enough, including a touching scene where lionesses from the same pride greet each other after a few days apart with a rough show of affection.


Tensions between the two prides build when their territories begin to overlap. This has dangerous consequences for an orphaned elephant, which is searching for its family but has strayed into the middle of the conflict. A lioness gives birth to a litter of cubs, which face an uncertain future when three rivals try to expand their territory, while two dominant males seek to reclaim control of their old pride.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Morrissey
Editor Paul Kiff
Executive Producer James Smith
Executive Producer Martha Holmes
Producer Martin Morrison
Series Director Beth Brooks
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