Not Cancer

Series 5 - Episode 2 Not Cancer



When several people die suddenly five years after receiving transplants from the same organ donor, the doctor and his team race to save the two surviving recipients. House hires a private detective to investigate the dead donor, and decides to entertain himself by holding auditions for a new best friend to replace Wilson. Drama, starring Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein.

Cast & Crew

Dr Gregory House Hugh Laurie
Dr Lisa Cuddy Lisa Edelstein
Dr Eric Foreman Omar Epps
Dr James Wilson Robert Sean Leonard
Dr Robert Chase Jesse Spencer
Dr Chris Taub Peter Jacobson
Dr Lawrence Kutner Kal Penn
Dr Remy `Thirteen' Hadley Olivia Wilde
Lucas Douglas Michael Weston
Director David Straiton
Executive Producer Paul Attansio
Executive Producer Katie Jacobs
Executive Producer Bryan Singer
Writer David Shore
Writer Lawrence Kaplow
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