Arena: Alone with Chrissie Hynde

Arena: Alone with Chrissie Hynde



This mellow, reflective film, first shown in a 60-minute form in February 2017, is a surprise. Yes, there are archive clips of the spiky rocker when she was the great Pretender, and with brass very much in pocket.

But otherwise this is where Chrissie Hynde is now: kicking back in her west London home with Peter Tosh or Tim Buckley on the turntable or showing off her colourful paintings. The film follows Hynde from her Paris flat to a cosy gig at London’s Omeara, and a radio show with pal Sandra Bernhard in New York to childhood haunts in Akron, Ohio.

Arena shows us a plain-speaking performer content with being alone, as comfortable in cemeteries as she is in the crook of a tree. As a recent lyric puts it, “No one to say you’re doing it wrong”.


A thoughtful and intimate feature-length portrait of the rock musician, following her shopping for clothes in Paris, hanging out with Sandra Bernhard in New York, spending time in London and taking a special trip back to her home town of Akron, Ohio. The documentary also features Chrissie giving a live performance at one of London's newest venues.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Chrissie Hynde
Director Nicola Roberts
Editor Alex Jones
Series Editor Anthony Wall
Documentary Music Arts