Fire-Eaters v Verbivores

Series 12 - Episode 29 Fire-Eaters v Verbivores



What’s that you say? Only Connect is still on telly on Friday evenings? It hasn’t yet been moved back to its only proper home, on Mondays after University Challenge? No? Drat.

As we wait for common sense to prevail, here are the Fire-eaters and the Verbivores and at last the losing team must leave the competition.

These are two good sides though one captain has a nerve-wrenching habit of buzzing in at the very last second. It’s a breezy contest that has some fun with London Underground station names, among other things.


Victoria Coren Mitchell hosts as the Fire-Eaters take on the Verbivores in this third-round match, with a place in the quarter-finals of the quiz at stake. They must use patience, lateral thinking and sheer inspiration to make connections between groups of four things that may appear at first not to be linked, with one set of clues consisting of Wymendon, Brixiestan, Holeburne and Knottynghull.

Cast & Crew

Host Victoria Coren Mitchell
Series Director Sian G Lloyd
Series Producer Jenny Hawker