Birds of Paradise: The Ultimate Quest

Birds of Paradise: The Ultimate Quest

Series 1 - Episode 2



You’ll want to cheer for Frank Gardner simply because he’s Frank Gardner. An immaculately courteous, proper gentleman of the old school, who seizes every day with joie de vivre.

Even the travails and privations of a gruelling trek through the jungles of Papua New Guinea to see his adored birds of paradise barely dent his equilibrium. He’s kind and modest as he’s lifted on a makeshift sedan chair by his helpers, sitting “like a conquering hero” makes him uncomfortable, metaphorically and, as it turns out, literally.

Sadly the injuries inflicted on Gardner by terrorist gunmen 12 years ago cast long and painful shadows and he suffers an unpleasant, potentially troublesome wound that concerns the medics.


Part two of two. Explorer Benedict Allen is determined to get disabled journalist Frank Gardner into the wilds of Papua New Guinea, despite having to grapple with Frank's wheelchair. As the terrain gets even tougher to negotiate, the pair know they must make an epic journey into the highlands, crossing through two tribal territories to achieve their objective. However, as Frank gets close to realising his dream of seeing wild birds of paradise up-close, his old injuries return to haunt him and the expedition hangs on a knife edge.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Frank Gardner
Presenter Benedict Allen
Director Simon Davies
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Executive Producer Dick Colthurst
Producer Simon Davies
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