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After Brexit: The Battle for Europe


Most coverage of Brexit focuses on how it will affect Britain. Here the BBC’s excellent Europe editor Katya Adler asks a bigger question – whether the whole 60-year-old EU edifice is now at risk of breaking apart.

It’s not as far-fetched as it might sound. We’re used to hearing about the wave of populist leaders on the rise, from the Netherlands to Hungary, and Adler analyses the growth of nationalist sentiment and meets ordinary voters who feel angry and left behind after years of Eurozone turmoil and unaccountable rule from Brussels. What’s changed is that Brexit has shown it ain’t necessarily so.


As Britain continues to make preparations for Brexit, the BBC's Europe Editor Katya Adler presents a This World investigation into the rise of populist Eurosceptic movements across the continent to ask whether the union itself can survive. She charts the conflict between populist movement Five Star and pro-European prime minister Matteo Renzi in Italy, and elsewhere sees how populist forces are challenging the EU like never before. Can the union survive, or will.

Cast & Crew

Reporter Katya Adler
Executive Producer Sam Bagnall
Producer Jane McMullen