The Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean

The Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean

Series 2



Magicians Jonny and Tricia prepare to unveil their risky new illusion to the audience, but the pressure builds when things don't go to plan in the final rehearsal. Junior officer Lauren works her first shift in charge of the bridge, and with engineer husband Mike in the engine room keeping a close eye on the ship's speed, she is keen to let him know who's boss. Front desk employee Emma has the unenviable task of telling several passengers their suitcases have taken a dip in the sea. This series concludes tomorrow evening at 8pm.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Hugh Bonneville
Director Nicola Bathurst
Executive Producer Alicia Kerr
Executive Producer Paul Hamann
Series Director Caroline Menzies
Series Producer Nicola Bathurst
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