Series 2 - Episode 6



There are so many well-known actors in Unforgotten, there’s no chance of doing a Midsomer Murders, where you point to the guest star and say, “She’s the killer because she’s the famous one!”

Anyway, Chris Lang’s thoughtful thriller is so much more than a murder-of-the-week, as we know full well by now, and there are great performances by many tip-top actors – Nicola Walker, Mark Bonnar, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Lorraine Ashbourne, Rosie Cavaliero…

In the final episode, Cassie gets to the truth behind who killed David Walker, and why. The pieces fall into place as she and her team dig into hideous past torments that remain vivid for so many people. Yet for Cassie (Nicola Walker) and Sunil, gathering himself after his mortifying faux pas last week, justice must be seasoned by mercy.


With the suspects in the murder of David Walker all having either a motive, opportunity or connection to the victim, Cassie and Sunny are left with a massive puzzle to solve. Cassie soon focuses in on Sara, whose alibi seems too perfect, as if it has been put together by an accomplice of the ex-prostitute - and the team is soon investigating the possibility of a wider revenge plan. Meanwhile, interviews with Colin and Marion's loved ones prove revealing. Cold case crime drama, starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar, with Badria Timimi, Mark Bonnar and Rosie Cavaliero. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

DCI Cassie Stuart Nicola Walker
DS Sunil `Sunny' Khan Sanjeev Bhaskar
DI Tessa Nixon Lorraine Ashbourne
Colin Osborne Mark Bonnar
Marion Kelsey Rosie Cavaliero
Sara Mahmoud Badria Timimi
Martin Hughes Peter Egan
Hassan Mahmoud Adeel Akhtar
Simon Charlie Condou
Tony Kelsey Nigel Lindsay
DS Murray Boulting Jordan Long
DC Jake Collier Lewis Reeves
DC Fran Lingley Carolina Main
Flo Amy Jayne
Cath Bryony Hannah
Jason Walker Will Brown
DSI Clive Andrews Colin R Campbell
Janet Emma Cunniffe
Elise Holly Aird
DSI Kuldip Gill Nathalie Armin
Harry Osborne Bill Paterson
Mark Roberts Tom Mannion
Joy Dunphy Wendy Craig
Gemma Khan Aaisya Shah
Director Andy Wilson
Executive Producer Sally Haynes
Executive Producer Chris Lang
Executive Producer Laura Mackie
Producer Tim Bradley
Writer Chris Lang
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