The Great Wizard's Visit

Series 1 - Episode 6 The Great Wizard's Visit



Everyone's surprised to hear the Great Wizard is making an unexpected visit to Cackle's Academy. He's had a tip off that the school is going rapidly downhill and it looks like non-magical Mildred is at the heart of the problems. Miss Cackle (really Agatha) refuses to expel Mildred and waxes lyrical about her. The Great Wizard insists that Mildred should perform a magical display to prove herself. Creative Mildred conducts a magical potions choir, but it ends in disaster leaving Miss Cackle on thin ice. To everyone's surprise, Miss Cackle (Agatha) makes Mildred lead a broomstick display. Mildred works out that Agatha is impersonating Miss Cackle but has to go ahead with the display - not realising Ethel had put a spell on the broomstick. Mildred begs Maud to find the real Miss Cackle, so while Mildred and Enid are in peril in the air, Maud battles her way up to Miss Cackle's room to find her under an entrancement spell. Just as Mildred and Enid start to plummet, the real Miss Cackle saves them. The Great Wizard has to eat his words - Mildred is a good witch and deserves her place in the school.

Cast & Crew

Mildred Hubble Bella Ramsey
Miss Cackle Clare Higgins
Miss Hardbroom Raquel Cassidy
Maud Spellbody Meibh Campbell
Drusilla Paddock Tallulah Milligan
Ethel Hallow Jenny Richardson
Felicity Foxglove Dagny Rollins
Esmerelda Hallow Miriam Petche
Miss Gullett Kacey Ainsworth
Miss Batt Wendy Craig
Miss Drill Shauna Shim
Julie Hubble Nicola Stephenson
Enid Nightshade Tamara Smart
The Great Wizard Nicholas Jones
Director Sallie Aprahamian
Executive Producer Marcus Wilson
Producer Lucy Martin
Writer Madeleine Brettingham
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