No Offence

Series 2 - Episode 6



The minor-character spotlight falls on Tegan. She’s the sparky uniform PC with the short temper, and her vaguely Asian background gets her the unwelcome job of going under cover to bring an FGM cutter to justice.

It’s one of those No Offence sub-plots that threatens to hijack the main story by force: gang boss Nora Attah is involved (albeit on the right side of the equation) – but then, Nora is connected in some way to every crime the Manchester police ever tackle.

To be honest, it’s a slightly hokier, less snappy episode than we’ve become used to in this series. Usually the scenes and the dialogue rattle by so fast there’s no time to notice anything that might not ring true. The trouble with setting standards high: it makes it noticeable when you don’t quite meet them. But even firing on three cylinders, No Offence has more oomph than most other dramas on a good day.


After finding herself suspended from duty, Deering goes rogue in her efforts to nail Nora. Back at the station, Lickberg tries to control the team, as they urgently intensify the manhunt for one of the Attahs' missing victims. Teegan is sent on an undercover operation and an unlikely alliance is agreed between Nora and the team, who wants to stop a Female Genital Mutilation cutter arriving on her patch. Starring Joanna Scanlan, Rakie Ayola, Sarah Solemani and Saira Choudhry.

Cast & Crew

DC Dinah Kowalska Elaine Cassidy
DI Vivienne Deering Joanna Scanlan
DS Joy Freers Alexandra Roach
DC Spike Tanner Will Mellor
Randolph Miller Paul Ritter
DSI Christine Lickberg Sarah Solemani
PC Jonah Mitchell Ste Johnston
PC Stuart O'Connell Tom Varey
PC Taz Ahmed Neet Mohan
PC Tegan Thompson Saira Choudhry
Nora Attah Rakie Ayola
Manni Attah Zachary Momoh
Gavin Conor MacNeill
Sgt Ewan Murray Felix Scott
Sgt Keith Pankani Chook Sibtain
Kim Garvey Zachary Sutcliffe
Roland Berry Nigel Nyanhete
Marianna Ivana Basic
Pavel Bart Suavek
Patient Isobella Hubbard
Dr Rosa Bix Caroline Loncq
Dr Robert Bix Tom Cotcher
Protestor Andrew Sheridan
Judy Christine Dalby
Lucas Larrington Walker
Laundress Moya Brady
Miranda Godwin Diveen Henry
Director Samira Radsi
Executive Producer Paul Abbott
Executive Producer Martin Carr
Producer Simon Meyers
Writer Paul Abbott
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Comedy Drama