Further Back in Time for Dinner: 1920s

Further Back in Time for Dinner: 1920s

Series 5

Today 6pm - 7pm BBC Two Wales
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Parties, nightclubs, cocktails, the Charleston and all that jazz: the Robshaws have arrived in the Roaring Twenties and – Rochelle aside – they’re loving it. “Why would you want to spend the afternoon doing this [cooking dinner] when there’s a drinks cabinet in the other room?” she grumbles as she wrestles with a recalcitrant roly-poly. I can’t decide whether Rochelle’s lack of domesticity adds to the entertainment or is simply annoying. Surely she knew cooking would be involved when she signed up?

The rest of the family are very happy, though, as they loosen their stays and indulge in behaviour that was completely unthinkable in the Edwardian era.


The Robshaw family enter the 1920s, sampling their first taste of the racy reputation of the decade as they host a jazz-age party fuelled by a menu of 14 different cocktails. The period has something new for everyone, with sweet treats for Fred, spicy food for Brandon in a 1920s curry house and the kicks and tricks of the Charleston for Miranda and Ros with former Strictly Come Dancing stars James and Ola Jordan.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Giles Coren
Presenter Polly Russell
Contributor Brandon Robshaw
Contributor Rochelle Robshaw
Contributor Miranda Robshaw
Contributor Rosalind Robshaw
Contributor Fred Robshaw
Contributor Leah Wood
Contributor Ola Jordan
Contributor James Jordan
Director Rosie O'Connor
Editor David Richards
Executive Producer Emma Hindley
Executive Producer Emily Shields
Producer Rosie O'Connor
Series Producer Nancy Bornat
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