The Accused




Innocent until proven guilty. That’s what the law says. But how does it feel to be accused of a crime you claim you didn’t commit? That’s the starting point for this gripping new documentary in which the 23-year-old suspect, named only as Kenzey, prepares to face trial. And she does that in a most unconventional way: by sharing her story – and her claim of innocence – on camera.

She’s accused of being involved with her boyfriend in an assault on their seven-week-old daughter that left the child with catastrophic injuries. The film follows Kenzey and her defence team as they work through her evidence. Only she knows if she’s telling the truth. Ninety minutes on, we do, too.


Documentary revealing the inside story of what happens when someone is accused of a serious crime that could lead to a prison sentence of 10 years or more, following the suspect's journey through the criminal justice system. Featuring access to the defendant, her family and her legal team, the film shows every twist and turn of this traumatic experience, from the realisation of being charged, to the first meeting with the defence team and right up to the trail itself and the subsequent verdict.

Cast & Crew

Director Rob McCabe
Executive Producer Malcolm Brinkworth
Producer Xander Brinkworth
Producer Charlotte Sinden
Documentary Arts Reality