Four Rooms with Sarah Beeny

Four Rooms with Sarah Beeny

Series 10 - Episode 1



Dealers Celia Sawyer, Raj Bisram, Alex Proud and David Sonnenthal go head to head to purchase the public's prized possessions with their own personal fortunes. This time, the four compete against each other to purchase a rare book that contains unique Damien Hirst doodles, an antique Chinese cabinet, pieces of vintage Versace clothing and a collection of Andy Warhol pop art. Later, the dealers find themselves captivated by the story behind pieces of wartime jewellery.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Sarah Beeny
Contributor Celia Sawyer
Contributor Raj Bisram
Contributor Alex Proud
Contributor David Sonnenthal
Executive Producer John Comerford
Series Director Titus Ogilvy
Series Producer Eleanor Brocklehurst
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