The Fake News Show

The Fake News Show


Richard Osman, who can also be seen on Pointless and Insert Name Here duty, lends his dry, deadpan wit to a bit of fun aimed at kicking off Channel 4’s Fake News Week.

In a world of “alternative facts”, where Donald Trump is American president (that’s true, I checked, unless it’s some elaborate reality TV hoax), Osman is joined by Stephen Mangan and Katherine Ryan to sift through wild stories that might be fake, or they might not.

At a time when the world is so off-kilter it’s hard to pinpoint reality, the panel looks at strange headlines, even odder photos and viral clips, and wonders who or what we can trust.


Host Stephen Mangan is joined by guests Richard Osman, Jon Richardson, Richard Ayoade and Katherine Ryan on a comedy panel show aiming to determine what is real in the current post-truth climate. The show dissects the outlandish headlines, alternative facts, digitally altered photographs and all-too-believable viral clips.

Cast & Crew

Host Stephen Mangan
Panellist Richard Osman
Panellist Katherine Ryan
Panellist Jon Richardson
Panellist Richard Ayoade
Executive Producer Richard Wilson
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Producer Ed Ryland
Series Producer Mark Barrett
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