Confessions of the Paparazzi

Confessions of the Paparazzi


George Bamby has an unshakeable faith in the rightness of what he does for a living, taking sneak-shots of celebrities. “They don’t know how lucky they are, having someone of my talent on set,” he grins as he skulks around the byways of north Cornwall, dodging security guards as he hunts Aidan Turner during Poldark filming.

Bamby is toweringly shameless, but it’s hard to dislike him, even as he tries to get photos of women without make up (Dawn French is a special target). “These [celebrity] mags want pictures of celebrities at their worst,” he chuckles.

He also dreams up their context, tipping off newsdesks with fake tales: “I put stories together and I manipulate the situation.”


Documentary following freelance photographer George Bamby and his apprentice Bilko in pursuit of celebrities including Britney Spears, Little Mix, Wayne Rooney, Dawn French, Katie Hopkins and Judge Rinder. Cameras reveal how he has become a master of deception, distraction and disguise to enter an area where public interest, morality and privacy laws collide. George also shares colourful anecdotes that may help explain why many famous faces view him with such disdain.

Cast & Crew

Director David Hatter
Executive Producer Dom Bowles
Producer David Hatter