Schofield's South African Adventure

Schofield's South African Adventure

Series 1 - Episode 1

Today 7:30pm - 8pm be3


While most people do all they can to get out of the water if they see a great white shark, This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield dives straight in when he’s given the chance to look the predator right in the eye. He is, of course, safely inside a cage along with his wife Steph, but because he can’t wear a snorkel (sharks don’t like the bubbles), he says, “It takes a while to get the hang of putting your head under the water at just the right moment.”

You’ve got to hand it to Schofield, he’s prepared to give most things a go on this South African travelogue – including abseiling down Table Mountain.


Diving with one of the world's most dangerous predators has long been a bucket list dream for This Morning host Phillip Schofield. Here he travels to Gansbaai in South Africa to wait underwater in a cage to catch a glimpse of a great white shark up close. But this is only part of his excursion, as together with his wife Steph, he starts his trip with a walk around Cape Town, marvelling at the stunning scenery, including Table Mountain - down which Phillip intends to abseil. They also join a group of drummers to see if they can pick up some of the rhythms of this remarkable country.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Phillip Schofield
Contributor Steph Schofield
Director Martin Harper
Executive Producer Martin Frizell
Producer Martin Harper
Series Producer Vivek Sharma
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