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Series 1 - Episode 2 1:00pm - 2:00pm



Hour two rolls around and some of those classic 24 elements come into play. Our hero, special forces action man Eric Carter (an impressively shouty, scowly Corey Hawkins), is now working outside the law; the staff at CTU are conspiring against each other; and Carter’s wife is in a precarious situation, hiding out with the drug-dealing brother-in-law she dumped for Eric. Awkward.

As he chases around after the terrorists, there’s a neat bit of exposition as to why Carter is so gung-ho when his wife and brother voice concerns that he became addicted to violence and killing in the army. He has 22 more episodes to feed his addiction.


Ben Grimes demands payment before he will hand over the safe box he seized from Khalid's compound, forcing Carter to return to his roots to obtain the money.

Cast & Crew

Eric Carter Corey Hawkins
Rebecca Ingram Miranda Otto
John Donovan Jimmy Smits
Andy Shalowitz Dan Bucatinsky
Nicole Carter Anna Diop
Marcus Grimes Ashley Thomas
Isaac Carter Charlie Hofheimer
Nilaa Sheila Vand
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