Series 4 - Episode 1 Columbia



When Sleepy Hollow first started, being the adventures of prissy Ichabod Crane, mystically transported from 1781 to the present day to help stave off the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse with the help of a modern detective, it neatly combined fish-out-of-water humour and supernatural horror. Now we’re in season four, the novelty has worn off, and our hero’s detective (Nicole Beharie) is dead. So what’s next for the fussy 18th-century schoolmaster and demon-slayer? Move town and get a new gang, seems to be the writers’ solution.

Ichabod (the still-charming Tom Mison) is now in a beautifully sunny Washington DC, where he gets a new sidekick, a new library to work in, and a new evil to thwart. There’s a headless Lincoln Memorial to sort out, for a start…


Ichabod Crane finds himself in a new city, working with new allies to save democracy itself from ancient threats. Supernatural mystery, starring Tom Mison.

Cast & Crew

Ichabod Crane Tom Mison
Jenny Mills Lyndie Greenwood
Diana Thomas Janina Gavankar