The House That £100K Built

Alistair & Karen

Series 3 - Episode 1 Alistair & Karen



Or, more accurately, “The House That Considerably More Than £100,000 Built” as the budget on the first project in a new series climbs inexorably.

Alistair and Karen need an easy, accessible, “futureproof” bungalow near his family’s farm in County Antrim because Alistair has multiple sclerosis. He’s currently perfectly fit and able and indeed does a lot of the building work on the project. But inevitably the family’s thoughts are fixed on what could happen in the future. Though Alistair is philosophical: “We’re dealing with it as best we can, life is to be lived”.

Kieran Long and Piers Taylor are on hand with advice and inspiration, including a terrific peg-board for kitchen items that’s clever and simple.


New series. Journalist and curator Kieran Long and architect Piers Taylor visit Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, to follow the progress of Alistair and Karen, who are hoping that building their dream home will be the key to a mortgage-free life. Kieran and Piers hunt out ingenious ways to improve the couple's design so that they can get the best possible house on their budget.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kieran Long
Presenter Piers Taylor
Executive Producer Joff Wilson
Series Director Tom Weston
Documentary Property