Series 1 - Episode 3



This series has already given us memorable characters and drama that shreds the emotions. But this episode is the best yet, a sweeping, powerful mini-movie in its own right, charting the story of Chicken George, Kunta Kinte’s mixed-race grandson.

Don’t read on if you haven’t seen how last week’s chapter ended, with Kizzie raped by her new owner, Tom Lea. Young George is the result, but doesn’t know his master is also his father. As he grows up, he takes an interest in the farm’s birds and develops a useful talent for training cockerels to fight.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers gives a terrific turn as Massa Tom, the embittered North Carolina farmer, dreaming of a shortcut to wealth via cockfighting. And as sunny, silver-tongued George, British actor Rege-Jean Page is a star in the making.


Young George, the son of Kizzy and slave owner Tom Lea, grows up to become involved in cockfighting. His flamboyancy and impressive bird-training skills earn him the nickname of Chicken George, and he starts to win many fights for Tom Lea, acquiring a taste for becoming a free man one day.

Cast & Crew

Chicken George Rege-Jean Page
Kizzy Anika Noni Rose
Alex Haley/Narrator Laurence Fishburne
Tom Lea Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Mingo Chad Coleman
Matilda Erica Tazel
Marcellus Michael James Shaw
William Byrd Brett Rice
Patricia Lea Shannon Lucio
Kunta Kinte Malachi Kirby
Sir Eric Russell Adam Fergus
Little Chicken George Jaylin Ogle
Director Thomas Carter
Executive Producer Mark Wolper
Executive Producer Marc Toberoff
Executive Producer Will Packer
Executive Producer Korin Huggins
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