Britain's Busiest Motorway

Another Day at the Office

Series 1 - Episode 1 Another Day at the Office



The M25 – or the 117-mile car park that orbits the capital – is currently used for 73 million journeys a year. That’s twice as many as it was designed for, so inevitably there are frequent collisions and tailbacks of mammoth proportions.

But while drivers sit in jams fuming (or chatting each other up), teams of people are working to keep the road clear. Traffic officers help the emergency services attending accidents, others operate the CCTV pinpointing problems, and a few unfortunate souls pick up rubbish from the hard shoulder. Single shoes are surprisingly common but urine-filled bottles aren’t unusual, either, and in one lay-by there’s something even more revolting.


Documentary, charting the work of the men and women who toil behind the scenes on the M25, one of the busiest motorways in Britain. The series begins as traffic officers Simon and Gary deal with a four-car pile-up blocking two lanes. Delays mean the recovery trucks are late arriving on the scene, and as tensions rise, the officers face an uncomfortable wait. Meanwhile, the Northern Control Room, operator Emily is under pressure as rush-hour heats up, and maintenance workers Jack and Jamie face the unenviable task of clearing a layby of rubbish - and human waste - left behind by lorry drivers.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Ferdy Roberts
Executive Producer Steph Weatherill
Series Producer Rob Rawlings
Documentary Education