Jon Richardson: How to Survive the End of...

Jon Richardson: How to Survive the End of the World


Comedian Jon Richardson is a man full of fear. He sees peril everywhere, from Isis to sausages, and here – with the help of wife and fellow comic Lucy Beaumont – he takes a journey into those fears to see what might kill him and how to avoid it. The result is a series of deadpan encounters with oddballs – a man who can down 37 cocktail sausages in a minute, say, or a Canadian chap called Troy who makes himself suits of armour to crash through brick walls.

On the subject of air pollution, Jon meets the maddest of all, a guy who sells jars of fresh country air for £80 a time because “air is now a premium product”.


The comedian is sent on a mission by his wife - fellow comedian and worrier Lucy Beaumont - to investigate the things they most fear will result in their deaths. He meets a family in Dorset selling fresh air in jars for £80 to combat lethal air pollution, spends a night in the woods to learn how to protect his loved ones in the event of terrorists setting off a dirty bomb, and encounters a man so committed to making himself invincible he tests a supposedly indestructible suit by strapping himself to a van and driving through a brick wall.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jon Richardson
Director Eddie Stafford
Executive Producer Emily Hudd
Executive Producer Iain Wimbush
Producer Eddie Stafford