Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife

Series 6 - Episode 5



Oh Call the Midwife, why must you torment us with sadness every week? This episode delivers heartache with both barrels, with a few swift kicks to the shins thrown in, just to make sure we’ve been given a proper emotional pasting.

Firstly – poor Sister Mary Cynthia! She disappeared ages ago and her name is mentioned at Nonnatus House only in whispers accompanied by knowing glances. But a chance encounter reveals the full horror of her predicament as she’s at the mercy of the worst that institutionalised 1960s mental health care can inflict.

Then there’s a lovely young lad called Reggie who has Down’s syndrome. His devoted but ailing mum has always made sure his life runs on straight lines. But when she’s no longer around Reggie is lost, though he’s lucky that Fred, a distant relative, is close by to ease the burden.


A distant cousin of Fred's who has Down's Syndrome is taken in by the Buckles following the death of his protective mother, but Violet struggles to cope and Shelagh is forced to make other arrangements for his care. New recruit Valerie prepares for her first day at Nonnatus House, and Trixie comes to the aid of a pregnant woman who is in urgent need of dental treatment to avoid an infection. The nurses discover what has happened to Sister Mary Cynthia, a revelation that has distressing consequences for Sister Monica Joan.

Cast & Crew

Sister Julienne Jenny Agutter
Nurse Phyllis Crane Linda Bassett
Sister Monica Joan Judy Parfitt
Nurse Trixie Franklin Helen George
Sister Mary Cynthia Bryony Hannah
Shelagh Turner Laura Main
Valerie Dyer Jennifer Kirby
Nurse Barbara Gilbert Charlotte Ritchie
Sister Winifred Victoria Yeates
Tom Hereward Jack Ashton
Dr Patrick Turner Stephen McGann
Fred Buckle Cliff Parisi
June Dyer Sarah Winman
Ivy Jackson Kate Williams
Reggie Jackson Daniel Laurie
Angela Turner Alice Brown
Timothy Turner Max Macmillan
Crystal Williams Laura Elphinstone
Bill Williams Carl Prekopp
Nurse Delia Busby Kate Lamb
Violet Buckle Annabelle Apsion
Christopher Dockerill Jack Hawkins
Sister Ramsey Jemma Churchill
John Michael Shelford
Boy 1 Luke Higgins
Boy 2 Max Potter
Voice of mature Jennifer Worth Vanessa Redgrave
Director Lisa Clark
Executive Producer Pippa Harris
Executive Producer Heidi Thomas
Producer Ann Tricklebank
Writer Andrea Gibb
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