The Big Painting Challenge


Series 2 - Episode 2 Landscape



“It looks pedestrian and lumpen,” judge Daphne Todd tells one amateur painter. “If it were on a hotel wall, I would just be bored,” she tells another.

That’s the kind of blunt criticism you need in a series like this and the programme tends to come alive when Todd wades in. It needs all the help it can get this week as the amateurs focus on landscape painting at a wet and windy seafront in Hastings: “I think my tears are mingling with the rain,” says Maud.

If you’ve been enjoying upbeat Angela’s efforts so far, you’ll be interested in the story of the awful accident that set her on the path to painting. It makes her sunny demeanour all the more admirable.


Mariella Frostrup and Rev Richard Coles take the contestants on a trip to Hastings, where they must put their landscape painting skills to the test by working in the open air - and the weather turns out to be against them. The first challenge sees them capturing the town's newly refurbished pier on canvas, before they are turned in the opposite direction to paint the view of the shoreline from the pier. A panel made of local residents choose their favourite painting, before the judges announce who will be leaving the show.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Mariella Frostrup
Presenter Rev Richard Coles
Judge Lachlan Goudie
Judge Daphne Todd
Judge David Dibosa
Contributor Diana Ali
Contributor Pascal Anson
Executive Producer Claire Nosworthy
Producer Bex Hevingham
Series Editor Meriel Beale
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