Series 1 - Episode 7



The wonderful Regency London of Taboo makes you wonder why more dramas aren’t set there. It’s a gift for production designers and if there were a Bafta for best furnishing of weird rooms, Taboo would walk it. So the backcloth is great, and Taboo has vivid characters – people like louche chemist Cholmondely (Tom Hollander) and weary mandarin Coop (Jason Watkins).

With such a watchable hero in Tom Hardy everything should click, but for some reason the plot now seems to be huffing and puffing at exactly the point (this is the penultimate episode) where it should be gaining speed. Never mind, there’s still plenty to enjoy. As his fate hangs in the balance, James burns leaves and summons spirits.


James Delaney realises being a pariah businessman in Regency London with both the Crown and the East India Company as enemies is an unenviable fate. Having lost everything, he suffers a devastating betrayal, one that places all that he has left - his freedom - in jeopardy. Armed with the opportunity they have been waiting for, Delaney's enemies conspire to take him down for good. Meanwhile, Lorna Bow sets out to discover the truth, as Zilpha comes to realise she has perhaps already found her own. Historical drama, starring Tom Hardy, Jessie Buckley and Oona Chaplin.

Cast & Crew

James Keziah Delaney Tom Hardy
Wilton Leo Bill
Lorna Bow Jessie Buckley
Zilpha Geary Oona Chaplin
Prince Regent Mark Gatiss
Atticus Stephen Graham
Brace David Hayman
Godfrey Edward Hogg
Cholmondeley Tom Hollander
Dumbarton Michael Kelly
George Chichester Lucian Msamati
Helga Franka Potente
Sir Stuart Strange Jonathan Pryce
Priest Richard Katz
Temple Lewin Lloyd
Mudlark girl Evelyn Van Marle
Mudlark boy Alfie Mackay
Winter Ruby-May Martinwood
Robert Louis Serkis
Strange's clerk James Greaves
Pearl Tallulah Rose Haddon
Pettifer Richard Dixon
Palace servant Jamie de Courcey
Solomon Coop Jason Watkins
Robert Thoyt Nicholas Woodeson
Molly John McManus
Officer Dragoon Guards Ian Conningham
Junior clerk Jak Ford-Lane
Tower guard James Oliver-Wheatley
Mr Arrow Andy Gillies
Surgeon Tom Goodwin
Martinez Danny Ligairi
Horace Delaney Edward Fox
Director Anders Engstrom
Executive Producer Ridley Scott
Executive Producer Steven Knight
Executive Producer Tom Hardy
Executive Producer Kate Crowe
Executive Producer Dean Baker
Producer Timothy Bricknell
Writer Steven Knight
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