Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior UK

Series 3 - Episode 4



Brawn! Brutes! Blokes in public denial that they’re too old for Wacky Warehouse! It’s Ninja Warrior UK! We’re halfway through its third run so you ought to know the deal by now. If you are coming to it for the first time, though, it’s not hard to get the gist of Britain’s toughest obstacle course (unless you’ve never attempted to change trains during rush hour at London’s Victoria Station). And like all the best Saturday-night entertainment shows, people will end up getting wet.


Competitors from across the nation test their strength, speed and courage in this obstacle-course challenge, hosted by Ben Shephard, Rochelle Humes and Chris Kamara. Those who make it to the end of the adrenaline-fuelled mission face one final task - scaling the heights of a tower named Mount Midoriyama - as they battle it out for the title of Ninja Warrior UK.

Cast & Crew

Host Ben Shephard
Host Chris Kamara
Host Rochelle Humes
Director Paul Kirrage
Executive Producer Michael Kelpie
Executive Producer Martin Scott
Executive Producer Simon Marsh
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