President Trump - The Inauguration

President Trump: The Inauguration


Officially, formally, this is the solemn swearing-in process for Donald Trump as 45th president of the United States, and for vice-president Mike Pence – the moment they take up the reins of power. BBC1 and ITV will follow the pomp and ceremony as the pair take the oaths of office on a stage in front of the imposing US Capitol building.

But unofficially, the event has been treated by many as a political stink-bomb. Not surprising, perhaps, after a divisive election process, but several artists took merely being invited to perform as a provocation: former X Factor singer Rebecca Ferguson, for instance, agreed to accept the invitation only if she could sing Strange Fruit, the protest song made famous by Billie Holiday. A right-wing commentator suggested celebs feared being blacklisted by liberals if they dared to perform, and dubbed it ‘reverse McCarthyism’.

One tradition will be upheld, though: former presidents and their spouses will attend. Joining Jimmy Carter and George W Bush, Bill Clinton will be present – as, in spite of everything, will Hillary.


Tom Bradby reports from Washington, DC as Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, while Washington Correspondent Robert Moore provides expert analysis as Mr Trump takes the Oath of Office. Plus, Martin Geissler and Juliet Bremner talk to the new President's supporters, and critics and expert guests discuss the significance and vision of Mr Trump's inaugural address.

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Presenter Tom Bradby
Reporter Robert Moore
Reporter Martin Geissler
Reporter Juliet Bremner
Editor Camilla Mankabady
Editor Geoff Hill
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