Tina & Bobby

Series 1 - Episode 2



It’s the 1966 World Cup final, yet even such high drama can’t bring a spark to this lifeless biopic, despite the best efforts of Michelle Keegan in a parade of magnificently awful 1960s outfits.

As Tina Moore, wife of Bobby, Keegan’s the best thing here, though she has little to do apart from smoke furiously in an orange tank top. But never mind, revel in the magnificent production design featuring every ghastly detail from the era (the vases! The curtains!).

Every waymark in the couple’s lives is dealt with briskly, including that odd “bracelet theft” allegation during the 1970 World Cup, as Tina and Bobby become product-endorsing celebs, and the cracks in their marriage start to show.


West Ham player Bobby leads England to World Cup glory at Wembley and he and Tina are reunited amidst the raucous celebrations. Fame and fortune follow as the couple become icons of their time, and when baby Dean arrives Tina thinks she has it all. The price of celebrity soon becomes apparent when Tina is besieged after Bobby is arrested in Colombia accused of theft, and although he goes on to play well at the 1970 Mexico World Cup, they return home to a kidnap threat and a wedge increasingly being driven between them. Lorne MacFadyen and Michelle Keegan star.

Cast & Crew

Tina Dean Michelle Keegan
Bobby Moore Lorne MacFadyen
Betty Dean Patsy Kensit
Doss Moore Clare Burt
Alf Ramsey David Bamber
Ron Greenwood Louis Hilyer
Judith Hurst Sophie Austin
Jenny Cox Jessica Madsen
Geoff Hurst William Troughton
Big Bob Moore Neal Barry
Lesley Ball Amy Ball
Kathy Peters Linzey Cocker
Jack Turner Mark Cameron
Terry O’Neill James Fisher
Carly Cooke Lisa Caruccio Came
Dr Kennedy Roger Ringrose
Roberta Moore Harper Cain
DI John Harper James Quinn
Dean Moore Daniel Leather/Nathan Leather
FA official Drew Cain
Director John McKay
TV reporter Jonathan Markwood
Journalist James Puddephatt
Director John McKay
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Spencer Campbell
Writer Lauren Klee
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