Series 2 - Episode 3



At its midway point, a series like this could easily tread water. We know who was killed in 1990, and we’ve met the people who were – criminally, shamefully, or entirely innocently – in his orbit at the time. Now we cycle between them as Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar’s muted cops sift dutifully through revelations that seem seismic until the next one comes along. Everyone looks shiftily into the middle distance.

Unforgotten is too well performed to flag, though. Mark Bonnar and Rosie Cavaliero are particularly good tonight as coiled springs who might go ping at any moment, and I like Adeel Akhtar as a loyal but intense husband who, for now, is a mild minor character. Then there’s the final shot, which changes everything.


Sunny makes further investigations into David Walker's life that suggest he was a troubled man with a number of issues. Marion has a prickly chat with Cassie about her past and the inquiry reveals her close relationship with an IRA activist. As the police investigation encroaches on their life, Sara and Colin open up to their partners with secrets about their past. Whodunit, starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar, with Lorraine Ashbourne, Mark Bonnar, Douglas Hodge, Wendy Craig and Holly Aird.

Cast & Crew

DCI Cassie Stuart Nicola Walker
DS Sunil `Sunny' Khan Sanjeev Bhaskar
DI Tessa Nixon Lorraine Ashbourne
Colin Osborne Mark Bonnar
Marion Kelsey Rosie Cavaliero
Sara Mahmoud Badria Timimi
Martin Hughes Peter Egan
Hassan Mahmoud Adeel Akhtar
Simon Charlie Condou
Paul Nixon Douglas Hodge
Tony Kelsey Nigel Lindsay
DS Murray Boulting Jordan Long
DC Jake Collier Lewis Reeves
DC Fran Lingley Carolina Main
Flo Amy Jayne
Omar Munir Khairdin
Jason Walker Will Brown
James Gregory Richard Hope
DSI Kuldip Gill Nathalie Armin
Joy Dunphy Wendy Craig
Elise Holly Aird
Zoe Jodie Tyack
David Walker Daniel Gosling
Hugh Moray Tony Gardner
Janet Emma Cunniffe
Nicola Katherine Jakeways
Yousef Mahmoud Alan Asaad
Tyler Josef Altin
Becca Nixon Dominique Drew
Director Andy Wilson
Executive Producer Sally Haynes
Executive Producer Chris Lang
Executive Producer Laura Mackie
Producer Tim Bradley
Writer Chris Lang
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