Idris Elba: Fighter

Pain and Fear

Series 1 - Episode 1 Pain and Fear



If you have ever imagined Idris Elba huffing and puffing – as I imagine most with functioning eyesight have – well, you will get something from this new three-part series. The actor has taken it upon himself, for reasons not entirely clear, to train to become a professional kickboxer, and compete against a seasoned fighter in the ring. I’ve seen him convincingly beat people up as Stringer Bell on The Wire, and as John Luther in, obviously, Luther, so it’s a testament to his acting brilliance that in this indulgent and somewhat melodramatic programme he appears to find the duffing-up rather difficult.

There are gym segments, hospital segments, a trainer, some tears and a lot of talk about the matter being “all heart”, but I’m still not sure what the point is. Just mind your face, Idris, won’t you?


The actor pushes his body to physical extremes as he trains to become a professional kickboxer, beginning in Japan, where he studies karate under an Okinawan master.
Documentary Sport