Fair Game

Series 6 - Episode 1 Fair Game



After a couple of flabby series, Homeland clicked into gear again for outings in Afghanistan (2014) and Berlin (2015). Killing off the show’s original focus – quisling Marine Nicholas Brody – may sound perverse, but to my mind it saved the show. Character dynamics became sharper, action scenes more breathless and involving.

Series six reunites bipolar CIA operative Carrie (lest we forget, an unbelievably good Claire Danes) with her cuddly-but-lethal mentor Saul (Mandy Patinkin). The series not so much captures a zeitgeist as takes it hostage, and this time it’s the backdrop of an American presidential election.

As ever, the cat-and-mouse thrills will tread a tricky, barbed-wire-strewn path through international relations, and probably cross it for the sake of a good storyline. But when Homeland is in the zone, there’s little on television to match it.


The espionage drama returns, picking up events several months after the climax of season five, which saw a terrorist attack in Berlin being thwarted, and follows the characters through the handover process following a presidential election. Carrie returns to the US with Franny to work with a foundation that provides aid to the Muslim community. Dar and Saul brief the newly elected President as the process of transferring power gets underway, while Quinn struggles to adapt to his new circumstances.

Cast & Crew

Carrie Mathison Claire Danes
Elizabeth Keane Elizabeth Marvel
Peter Quinn Rupert Friend
Dar Adal F Murray Abraham
Saul Berenson Mandy Patinkin
Franny McKenna Keane
Rob Hemmis Hill Harper
Gen Jamie McClendon Robert Knepper
Ray Conlin Dominic Fumusa
Reda Hashem Patrick Sabongui
Tova Hadar Ratzon Rotem
Mrs Bah Zainab Jah
Sekou Bah J Mallory McCree
Simone Bah Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut
Senator Elian Coto Alfredo Narciso
Director Keith Gordon
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