Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia

Martin Clunes: Islands of Australia

Series 1 - Episode 2



Clunes wouldn’t last very long on I’m a Celebrity. This week his first stop is the Tiwi Islands, which have been home to the indigenous Tiwi people for thousands of years. He gamely forages in a muddy mangrove forest, but politely declines to try a raw mud whelk or one of the thick worms that the tribeswomen slurp, chuckling at their guest’s squeamishness.

Next it’s off to the aptly nicknamed “Magical Muirons”, where he’s far more at ease swimming with a huge whale shark off the technicolour Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia’s answer to the Great Barrier Reef. He also learns the grisly fate of the first Dutch ship to find Australia, 150 years before Captain Cook set foot here, and almost loses an ear when he jokes around with a live rock lobster.


The actor travels to the Tiwi Islands, swims with a whale shark, and visits the Houtman Abrolhos, a string of over 100 little islands. Martin Clunes also samples life on Rottnest Island, which has long been a playground retreat for mainland visitors.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Martin Clunes
Director Ian Leese
Executive Producer Philippa Braithwaite
Executive Producer Bill Jones
Executive Producer Ed Punchard
Executive Producer Julia Redwood
Series Producer Ian Leese
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