Our Dancing Town


Series 1 - Episode 2 Skipton



This series manages something special. You can see it in the faces of the people of Skipton in Yorkshire who brave rubbish weather to dance a parade through the streets of their town – and clearly get a (high) kick out of it.

Whether it’s farmers, market traders, members of the British Legion or workers at a cleaning firm, the communal buzz created by choreographer Steve Elias and his madcap scheme works wonders.

There are touching stories along the way, too – of hotel receptionist Elizabeth, for instance, whom Steve picks out to be a soloist. Years ago, her training to be a dancer was cut short by a brain tumour; now she’ll be centre-stage again – or centre-street.

She and dozens of others strut their stuff and we end up with a sense of what Skiptonians are made of and how dance (much like singing in a choir) can work wonders – not just for the young and fit, but for everyone.


Choreographer Steve Elias heads to Skipton to find out what makes this picturesque North Yorkshire market town tick, and get as many people as he can on board for another dance spectacular. He is delighted with a lucky find in his first rehearsal and surprised to uncover a vibrant dance scene, keen to take part. But the local farmers and market traders prove trickier to persuade.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Steve Elias
Director Georgina Kiedrowski
Executive Producer Lee McMurray
Producer Georgina Kiedrowski
Producer Alexandra Croxford
Series Producer Alex Sunderland
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