President Trump's Dirty Secrets: Channel 4 Dispatches

President Trump's Dirty Secrets: Channel 4 Dispatches



Ahead of Friday’s inauguration, Dispatches takes one potential calamity of Trump’s America that’s easily forgotten and tries to push it up the agenda: climate change. Having attacked rivals for being servants of elites, Trump has of course packed his cabinet with billionaires and friends of the oil and gas industries. Antony Barnett forecasts the energy strategy that will result.


The controversial figures now surrounding Donald Trump and their ties to powerful corporations that could have far-reaching consequences beyond America. Following promises to 'drain the swamp' of outside interests in Washington, team Trump is now stacked with 'Big Oil' and gas company favourites, many of whom have made it clear exactly what they want. Antony Barnett travels to the US to discover more about Trump and his administration's funding and commercial ties to the fossil fuel industry, speaking to one prominent advisor who has helped shaped Trump's energy strategy.

Cast & Crew

Reporter Antony Barnett
Director Joanna Burge
Executive Producer Geoff Atkinson
Producer Joanna Burge