Scot Squad

Series 3 - Episode 3



Chief Miekelson has a boozy reunion with retired police chief Sir Neville Archibald, but he is left to foot the extortionate bill. Elsewhere, volunteer officer Ken Beattie takes part in the local 'Night Owl' crime initiative, and officers Charlie McIntosh and Jane Mackay find themselves in hot pursuit in the great outdoors.

Cast & Crew

PC Jack McLaren Jordan Young
Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson Jack Docherty
PC Sarah Fletcher Sally Reid
Sgt Karen Ann Millar Karen Bartke
PC Surjit Singh Manjot Sumal
PC Hugh McKirdy Grado
Bobby Muir Darren Connell
Maggie LeBeau ML Stone
VO Ken Beattie James Allenby-Kirk
PC Jane Mackay Ashley Smith
PC Charlie McIntosh Chris Forbes
Albert Johnstone Paul Sneddon
Sandy Redpath Ally Houston
Sir Neville Archibald Bill Paterson
Director Iain Davidson
Executive Producer Rab Christie
Producer Iain Davidson
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