Rip Off Britain: Holidays

Rip Off Britain: Holidays

Series 5 - Episode 13



The sight of people downing pints in airport bars at 8am tells you that flying and drinking enjoy a surprising symbiosis, but if you find yourself trapped at 30,000ft with one or several intoxicated passengers, it can be downright dangerous. What airlines are doing to combat that problem is the main focus today for Gloria Hunniford, Angela Rippon and Julia Somerville, whose consumer journalism series is now in its final week.

Plus, a booking mix-up that traumatised a lone passenger, why “adults-only” hotels may contain kids, and a tip for an island paradise that’s reachable for holiday-makers on a budget.


Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville investigate how airlines are trying to tackle drunk passengers that disrupt flights, and the bouncers recruited to handle them.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Angela Rippon
Presenter Julia Somerville
Presenter Gloria Hunniford
Executive Producer Rob Unsworth
Series Producer Sherry Knight